Protect Your Home

Surge Protection is now available from Smithville Electric System.

This surge protection device is called a “Meter-Treater,” which is directly installed behind the electric meter at your home. All power coming into your home through your meter base will run through the “Meter-Treater” making it the first step in protection against surges.

Appliances to Protect                                       Sensitive Equipment to Protect

Washers                                                              Televisions
Dryers                                                                  Computers
Dishwashers                                                        DVD/VCR Players
A/C Systems                                                        Video Game Consoles
Stoves/Ovens                                                      Garage Door Openers
Freezers                                                               Fax/Modems
and more……                                                        and more……

Not all surges are caused by lightning strikes, which many of us believe, they can be caused from car accidents involving utility poles, animals and tree limbs on power lines, and fluctuations within the home, etc.

Unfortunately, the Meter-Treater will not protect against all surges. While it offers excellent protection against powerful surges which can effect your major appliances, we still recommend other layers of protection. Not all surges pass through your home via the meter base. Surges can pass through interior wiring, cable TV, satellite, phone lines, etc. where it can damage your sensitive electronics. For the sensitive electronics we recommend surge protector plug-in strips, which can be bought at local retailor stores.

Our home electrical appliances are a very important part of our day-to-day life, yet we hardly think about them until there is trouble. So why not give our office a call today and set up an appointment to have a Meter-Treater installed at your home for a additional $6.30 a month which will be added to your current monthly electric bills, or feel free to call us if you have any additional questions regarding our Meter-Treaters.

FAQ regarding Meter Treater